Electrical Panels

We offer Elecrical panels built to IEC and ANSI standards. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Low Voltage Range
    • Low Voltage Power Control Centeres
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Power Distribution Switch boar
  • Medium Voltage Range
    • Breakers

Low Voltage Elecctrical Panels: 

We offer Low Voltage (> 440 VAC) Panel Boards with following highlights:

Panel Boards:

    • MCC - Motor Control Centers
    • PCC – Power Control Boards
    • PDB – Power Distribution Boards (All types)

Key features:

    • Up to 6000 Amperes incomers
    • Up to 100 KA Short Circuit breaking capacity
    • Compact
    • Up to Form 4B type separation for ultra-safe operation
    • Feeders with fixed fully withdraw-able compartments


    • PLC/DCS based Control
    • Intelligent microprocessor based or conventional switchgear
    • Digital communication or conventional hardwired control with PLC/DCS


    • Modular enclosures, expandable in all three axes in 200 mm steps
    • Up to IP54/55 Ingress protection
    • All load bearing structures made of Electro galvanized powder coated steel
    • Fixed or Withdraw-able compartments

Withdraw-able compartments:

    • Can be padlocked in all positions
    • No joints in vertical bus bars
    • Safety lever
    • No special tools or tackle for removal
    • No between service to test positions  in breaker on condition


    • Fully type tested to IEC 61439-1/2, UL 891 and UL 1558 sandards
    • Internal Arc Fault Containment certified to IEC 61641
    • Vibration certified to IEC 68-2-6 and 68-2-36
    • Seismic certified to IEC 68-3-3 especially in all Seismic and Nuclear zones
    • Mrine Class certification

Bus Bars:

    • Fully insulated horizontal and vertical bus bars
    • Drill less joining with fishplates
    • Self-extinguishing V0 compliant holders

Medium Voltage Elecctrical Panels: 

We offer Medium Voltage Breaker panels to a rating upto 24 kV, 4000 A. The key features of our range are:


    • Each panel consists of a single unit which can be equipped with a circuit-breaker, contactor or switch-disconnector, as well as with all the accessories available for conventional switchgear unit.

    • Approved to be used for special applications such marine, seismic, nuclear and type tested for IEC, GB/DL, GOST and CSA standards

    • Units can be coupled together directly with the other products from our range

    • The switchgear does not require rear access for installation or maintenance, all the operations are carried out from the front



    •  Up to 12-17.5 kV, …4000 A, …50 kA
    •  Up to 24 kV, …3150 A, …31.5 kA
    •  Standard IEC
    •  Highly customized versions


    •  Fitted with safety interlocks
    •  Internal arc classification IAC AFLR
    •  Classified LSC-2B, PM
    •  CB racking with closed door


    •  Wide applications
    •  Vacuum and SF6 circuit-breaker
    •  Vacuum contactor
    •  Switch-disconnector
    •  Traditional CT/VT and sensors
    •  Wall and free-standing solution


    •  ABB quality
    •  Large installed base
    •  Installed in high number of countries


    •  Protection and control
    •  Earthing switch
    •  Ultra fast earthing switch
    •  IS Limiter
    •  Integrated capacitor banks
    •  Bay computer


Utilities and Power Plants

    •  Power generation stations
    •  Substations
    •  Main and auxiliary switchgear


    •  Pulp and Paper
    •  Cement
    •  Textiles
    •  Food
    •  Automotive
    •  Quarrying
    •  Petrochemical
    •  Oil and gas
    •  Metallurgy
    •  Rolling mills
    •  Mines


    •  Drilling platforms
    •  Off-shore oil rigs
    •  Cruise ships
    •  Container ships
    •  Tankers
    •  Cable ships
    •  Ferries


    •  Airports
    •  Ports
    •  Railways
    •  Underground transport


    •  Shopping malls
    •  Hospitals
    •  Large infrastructure and civil works