Vision 2020

Since our inception in 1990 we have accumulated a lot of skills in using intelligent electronics for Automation and Electrical switching. We have used them to gain valuable experience in Industrial Automation and Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

The issues with measurement accuracy and speed of data acquisition had been solved adequately with the advent of Digital electronics. More recently, with the advances in communications, internet and storage capacities, instant access to process data in large volumes ‘anywhere’ across the globe is also no longer a challenge.

The focus now shifts to the capability to analyze such voluminous data in real time. Responding to rapidly changing multivariable scenarios to control and optimize the process will differentiate the businesses. At Control Infotech we are working to make our mark in Cloud based Real Time Analytics.

Through our active presence in the US and India, we provide our solutions and services across the world. Smart Grid and the rapidly growing Gas economy are our target markets.